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Lipizzan Rescue and Re-Homing

This is a a special page for networking/re-homing Lipizzaners. Our Lipizzan breeders community is small but strong and very dedicated to the breed. I will be posting stories, photos, and networking connections here. Anyone, please contact me regarding Lipizzaner re-homing or rescue.


Below is the remarkable story by Shannon Rogers Simpson of Four Pillars Farm, as posted to the Yahoo Lipizzaner Group.

The rescue of Siglavy Actress. You simply won't believe this one....

By now, you may have heard some of the amazing story of Siglavy Actress, but if you haven't, here it is (Polly, this is for you!)

About 3 months ago, I decided to find a trail horse, since all the babies are
sold and my stallion isn't really the trail riding type. One of my friends on
facebook, Michele Gagne Mann, adopted a beautiful Belgian, which reminded me of my old Lipizzan, who was also a rescue back in 1990. We had 18 marvelous years together and I miss him terribly. So I opened my big mouth.

Another FB Friend, Elise Clark, had seen a crosspost from Sharon Stone (who is big in the rescues) that Eva Wieland had rescued and bailed a big gray saddlebred gelding from New Holland PA auction (widely reputed to be the WORST of the killer auctions) but her mother was ill and she would have to re-home him. I looked at his photos and descriptions and decided to adopt the big gray saddlebred she called "King". One of his photos listed his name as Winter Carnival King....so....yet another friend, Marie Matte, who is a saddlebred person at heart although she has the Awaiting Justice Rescue in St Augustine, FL, found out the name and the horse didn't match. No big deal I thought.

Melanie Adams got suckered into taking him immediately for me since I couldn't drive up there that quickly. "King" wobbled out of the trailer after a short ride, and she called me to say she really thought he needed to gain some weight and was not in any shape to travel. He was the worst starved horse she had ever seen still alive - lucky Melanie. She fed him and took excellent care of him and after a month she felt he could make the trip down to my farm in SW Virginia from Maryland. However, she was adamant he was NOT a saddlebred. And that he looked a WHOLE lot like a Lipizzan. Sparse mane, speckled coat, and THAT LOOK. So after dragging my feet, not wanting to waste $47, I finally gave in and ordered a DNA test from the USLR.

Meanwhile, I picked him up, along with Strauss (Conversano II Destina) who had been at Sue Ott's during my pregnancy. When I saw King, I just knew. (And he looked like Strauss!!!) Still, Mel and I talked about missing Lipizzans, part-breds and East Coast stallions with unregistered progeny as possibilities to check when the DNA results came in.

When I brought him home, I had mentally narrowed the possibilities down to
Conversano II Erica, Bana Conversano, Pluto Dixana and maybe Maestoso Sabrina II (Smokey). I was prepared to help Lisa Simmons dig through markers to see if we could identify a sire and then narrow down mares by process of elimination. But sometimes we can be just dead wrong....

I got the e-mail from Lisa on Thursday that we had a perfect match on the DNA, which would indicate the horse had been registered. I was in disbelief - how did this Lipizzan find his way to ME when I thought I was getting a saddlebred? She did some further research, called the last owner of record and then you could have knocked me over with a feather. The horse I had accidentally rescued was in fact Siglavy Actress, born in 1992, son of Siglavy Dalea and Actress II and bred by Ingun Littorin!!!!

I will share this lovely e-mail from Ingun:
"I am very sorry to hear that "Zoltan" as we called him had come to such a
almost disastrous ending, and am very grateful to everybody on the East Coast who were part and parcel of rescuing him.

Zoltan was born in 1992, and was an extremely baroque colt. He was purchased by Johannis Willenport, Sommersberg Lippizzaners, Columbia, Maryland, on the recommendation of Jaromir Oulehla, who had seen him at an evaluation at our place. He went there as a 3-year old and it was my understanding that he was bred to a couple of the Piber mares they had there. He was eventually gelded and I heard rumors that he had gone through several owners. As to markings, I did not keep copies of the registration application, so I am not sure what he may have had. I have also included picture of his dam and full brother # IV (Teddy).

His dam, Actress, originally came from Tempel but during their dispersal went to the Marine Corps at Pendleton here in California, among about 8 mares who were sent here. Two of them were in foal, one of which was Actress. These horses had a very bad time, they were not taken care of and most died in sand colic. We raised a lot of ruckus about it and some of the military personnel here were demoted over it. I bought Actress from Pendleton when I first was made aware of the Lipizzaners there and found out they were going to put her down for being "dangerous". Tried to get all of them out of there but was not succesful.

It is said that so many Lipizzaners end up with owners who or either not horse people or can take care of them, and it seems to follow through for several generations.

I am glad he is in good hands now and if there is anything I can help with,
please let me know. Ingun"

Okay. Still with me? His next owner after Johannis trained him in dressage but he had cysts on his stifles. She spent a small fortune having surgery done at Ohio State University but he was not sound enough to return to upper-level work. She considered putting him down, but decided instead to re-home him with a lovely older lady who trail rode him. After about 3 years, the e-mails and photos stopped abruptly. One can only guess that something happened to her, as she was NOT the kind of person that dropped starved horses off at new Holland.

So for three years, this horse who had been used as a breeding stallion when he was young (his offspring include Siglavy Canissa (1996), Gloriosa (1996),
Camilla II (1997)and Caulsa (1998)) and gelded by the 3rd owner, was totally off the grid. He became a paperless big gray horse, was starved to near death, neglected and I would have to say abused, who was dropped off at the New Holland auction on October 8th. The organization "A Voice For Horses" thought he might be rescuable, and raised "bail" of $360 to get him out of there. Eva adopted him, then I came into the picture.

Now when Lisa told me the name, it rang a bell. I mean it REALLY rang a bell. A casual post from Kathleen Donnelly remarked that Gloriosa (Siglavy Actress's daughter) belonged to Kerry and Marlies Scott who live a few hours away. WELL THAT WAS THE BELL!!!! Gloriosa is currently in FOAL to my stallion Favory IV Delta! I had checked her pedigree carefully before we bred her and was fascinated by the El Capitan bloodlines of S. Actress!

So now I know his barn names have been "Zoltan" with Ingun, "Kramer" with Johannis, and "Judah" with his last owner. He likes to have "Hey Jude" sung to him. So yesterday I went to the barn and sang "Hey Jude" to him while he had his teeth floated. He dropped his big, bony Lipizzan head down in my arms and sighed. And I cried like a baby.

I never thought I would know ANYTHING about this horses' background. I have now spoken at great length with many people (including Nancy Madison, who says hi, that had Calusa) who knew and loved him. I think he will get his old loving personality back with time and love. he has both now.

So thanks to everyone who had a part in this unfreakingbelieveable story, and also to Caroline Fawcett who was my cheerleader and made me do the DNA test. And Melanie - I couldn't have done it without her! I have to believe he was meant to be my partner.
Shannon Rogers Simpson


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