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Lipizzaner Breed Characteristics

Maestoso VIII Capriola I - Piber 1936

Dr. Jaromir Oulehla, former director of the Spanish Riding School, Vienna, and the Lipizzan stud farm in Piber from 1983 to 2001:

    "The Lipizzan is an expressive, overall harmonious horse of the baroque type. His posture is noble, his frame rectangular, less frequently square. The size is usually around 157 centimeters.

    "The noble head is a trademark! The fine chin, the broad, flat forehead, the sensitive play of his ears, and especially the large, dark eye show nobility and intelligence. Although sometimes a little large in relation to the rest of the body, the straight or slightly convex head with good throat latch freedom must absolutely be considered elegant.

    "The neck meets the demands of the Baroque, as it is relatively strong, wide at its base, and harmoniously arched. Carried with nobility, it should be graced with a fine, long mane. The head and neck contribute considerably to the horse's charm. The shoulder should be long and oblique. However, the saddle position is negatively influenced by the often somewhat indistinct withers. In accordance with the riding horse requirements, the shape of the withers should be as correct as possible. Otherwise the use as a riding or driving horse will be compromised.

    "The back is broad, muscular and well connected. It transitions into a well proportioned, harmonious, and strong croup. The loins are broad and strong. The Lipizzaner is a round, compact horse with good depth and width.

    "The extremities are relatively short and especially strong, with well developed tendons and joints. Correct hoof conformation and hoof shape are especially important.

    "The movements are elegant, energetic, and elastic. The action is higher than that of other breeds. The action is high, energetic, yet graceful, but also less ground covering. Posture, action, and conformation point to a use as a parade horse and high school horse.

    "The interior characteristics are endurance, trainability, and obedience, along with great willingness. Patience and good humor, as well as willing repetition of the exercises. The breed is ideally suited for the classical art of riding, dressage, carriage driving, and trail riding.

    "It is important to point out the late maturity and slow metabolism. The Lipizzan can be kept in optimal physical condition with a minimum of feed. He is a very easy keeper."


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